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All Natural Vinegar

A naturally-fermented vinegar… a peerless, full-bodied condiment.



Barbecue Sauces MP

Manila’s Legendary Barbecue—garlicky and sweet-salty flavors on a stick.



Fruit Syrups MP

Sun-ripened jackfruit, mango, pineapple and guava pulp are sweetened and bottled fresh to be drizzled on pancakes, cupcakes, salads and refreshments for a naturally sweet and fruity twist.



Kare-Kare MP

Made from choice peanuts, achuete and perfectly roasted rice, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors.



Oyster Sauce MP

Extracted from real oysters, this sauce has a full-bodied flavor to enliven Asian dishes.


sampalok paste shot2

Blissfully fruity and tart, real green tamarind pulp and yams make this soup truly delectable and refreshing.

Who is Mama Sita?

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“Philippine food history is not complete without taking into account the role of Teresita Reyes.”

-The National Historical Institute of the Philippines

Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes was born into a family of eminent culinary heritage, a legacy that now owes its most celebrated chapter to her own lifelong love for cooking.

Her mother started the first and perhaps the most famous Filipino restaurant in the Philippines, one that still serves hearty meals to this day.

This legacy was part of everyday life in Mama Sita’s own household. As a wife and mother, she served the best of Filipino fare at home… made with special techniques that as a mother she painstakingly demonstrated to her apprenticing children. The ‘special techniques,’ through time, have revealed themselves to be simple maternal intuition from practical tips during market time to living a purposeful and conscientious life which we may now overlook.

Through decades of hard work, her expertise came into its own, creating a reputation that precedes her with a spirit and flavor that is unmistakably Filipino.

Today, this spirit emboldens those who continue to bring her best to the world, and build on her legacy long after the last piece of kare-kare has been served.